My FitBit is trying to tell me that I received 8 Hours and 7 Minutes of sleep last-night. My body has determined that is a lie!

I specifically remember waking several times, once to put the dog out and when I was sleeping, I was dreaming of feuding with Taylor Lautner (who apparently dream-hates me for taking photos of him walking on stilts through a forest) it was a bit of a stressful dream but I am really disappointed that my alarm went off around the time of the karaoke battle….

I digress….

The weather is rainy, the sky dark and gloomy. It’s been a few days of this disgusting weather and I am over it.

I just went to take a sip of my coffee and had it miss my mouth and spill down my shirt.

It must be Monday right?

Do you like to use Monday as your starting point?

When it comes to any type of goal- for the most part- I am one of those people who say “I will start on Monday” after all- in my mind the weekend is made for relaxing, rejuvenating and not following a plan. Monday always seems like a great place to start everything new.

Yesterday I was a good girl and took time to meal plan for the week. This week I was focusing on all these Pinterest recipes to try- “baked” (not deep fried) pickles, cucumber salads, a Tex Mex Quinoa, Homemade black bean burgers, zucchini fries… just to name a few……

I started my grocery list- so it was all ready for this morning.

Confession: Now Monday is here- I don’t wanna go! I don’t want to ‘adult’!

Last night I had been so excited about running off to the grocery store so I could get started on pickling the cucumber salads and baking banana bread- making zucchini fries to go on the side of the pulled pork the kids asked for….. but today I am not feeling it. Keeping my pajamas on, putting my feet up with a book sounds like a better option to visiting the store and dealing with….people…..(….and wearing clothes…. make up….and fixing my hair…..and being human…)

I’m also ignoring the grand to-do list I had made myself which included the following tasks:

Email our contact at the granite place to get the ball rolling on our kitchen renovation. I love redecorating the house and this is an exciting project for me- so you would think I would be raring to go and email her so I could receive the estimates. I’d rather go back to bed and deal with it later.

I have to keep on going with the spring cleaning I blogged about last week. I finally made a nice dent- so I was excited to keep momentum going….. I think that can wait for tomorrow.

Monday’s are usually my main blogging/networking days. This is the day I attempt to play catch up with comments, write and brainstorm, follow other blogs, make connections  etc… at least I can say I am giving that 50% this morning- last week I didn’t do it at all.

I wanted to squeeze in a workout today but meh- maybe I will…..maybe I won’t……I do have season 5 of Community on DVD to watch……

It’s a good thing I don’t have an apprentice. On a day like today they would learn the following from me:

  1. How to procrastinate with flair.
  2. The plot summary of ‘Switched At Birth’
  3. Why to give Burger King veggie burgers a try.
  4. How to hide chocolate from your kids.
  5. That 90’s on 9 is the only acceptable Sirius station in my home and car.
  6. That I can be really mean and make them do all my work while I sip tea and read.

My name is Irene and I have a solid case of the Mondays.

How about you?

Are you suffering from the Mondays too?

**And we all said together**

  Is it bedtime yet?

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