The Curse

Slowly she walks down the muddy path

Shoulders back

Head high

Confidence exudes from every pore.

Determination in her glance.

Eyes straight ahead she walks past the crowd,

Her long red robe billowing against the grey day.




The odd cat call

Still she walks past the observers,

Concentration never breaking.

She reaches the wooden platform placed in the clearing

Ignoring the arms of the men offering to help-

She takes a step up,

One barefoot


Just a few more….

Reaching the center of the small stage she stops.


Her head tilts high



She slowly scans the crowd

A smirk plays on her lips

She reaches for the knot at her waist,

It’s untied.

The robe drops, flowing like a crimson waterfall to her feet.

Naked she proudly stands

Her skin covered in words

Black scrawling ink painted on every inch of her torso.

The largest words were easily read:







Stuck Up

The odd gasp from the crowd

Though mainly silent they remain

Transfixed on her beauty

Curious of her purpose

She speaks:

“Here I stand, now completely exposed to you. Covered in your words. Your compliments. Your insults. Your lies. Your truths. My truths. Hear me now and heed me well. Your judgments do not define me. Your words will never hurt me. Your lies will never harm me. Your assumptions are but that…..’assumptions’. My life is mine. My body is mine. My being is mine. You may try to break me- but you will always fail! ALWAYS!”

The ink began to move,

Swirling and dancing upon her skin.

The crowd did nothing but stare in shocked silence.

Frozen in a frightened trance.

She continued with an increasing bravado:

“I reject your insults! I reject your judgments and assumptions! I reject the lies! I reject the backstabbing! I reject it all! Every rotten thing you’ve said! Every lie from your lips- The hate you have shown- It now again belongs to you! From you it began and to you it returns!”

Her hands raised in the air- the dark words flew off her body towards those whose lips had spoken them.

Down they went

One by one.

Screams echoed

Those who tried to flee weren’t fast enough.

The words seared to their skin with an angry hiss.

Across foreheads, shoulders, arms words appeared.

Men and women branded by their own hate and jealousy.

She stood silently

Taking in the chaos

Few were left standing.




They all reached her ears.

Calmly she picked up her robe, turned and walked away.

Away from the negativity

Away from the hate

Away from those who didn’t deserve her.

Who knew nothing about her.

From those who didn’t want to even try to get to know her.

Some who had claimed they loved her were among the ones withering on the ground.

It wasn’t a surprise- not to her.

She felt a touch of guilt for not leaving them with the antidote- but that was theirs to learn on their own.

A weight was off her shoulders and quite literally off her skin.

Sighing she glanced down at her body to see the remaining words.

Smiling she stared down her body, at the brand new tattoo-

Born from her ability

Created by her spirit

Words intertwined with roses and vines now decorated her right rib-cage.

The battle was now over.

The truth remained:







  **The End**

-Written by Irene©TheyOnceCalledHerPumpkin


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