It’s late.

My usual writing routine is typically in the mornings with my coffee or tea- but as of lately I seem to be more active in the night when everyone is in bed.

The darkness fuels my creativity…… *cue creepy music*

I joke- I actually don’t know what to blog lately- my mind is abnormally jumbled with way too much stuff. Way more. I’m surprised that I don’t have smoke coming out of my ears at this point. I can’t even over think- because I am too busy jumping from subject to subject wondering what to do or deal with next.

I seem to have bit off more then I can chew as of late. 

I even had to admit to my husband the other day that I miss the fact he would make the laundry I folded disappear and I desperately need him home to deal with the trash thing- I actually had nightmares last week that I was going to forget to put the trash out and miss the truck.

Nightmares…..about taking out the trash!

They were so bad that at 5:30 am when I woke up for what felt like the millionth time, I put on a pair of pants and a bathrobe and ran out to dump the bags on the curb. I really wanted to make sure they were out in time for the garbage truck.

All the stress, the lost sleep and the freakin’ truck didn’t bother showing up until noon!!!

My Spring Cleaning, Purge and Organizing is now officially being referred to as “The What Was I Thinking?-Non Clean!”

In the past week or so- I have done an incredible job of messing up the house while trying to deep clean it. Not my best work…….

I actually walked up to my pantry today with the intent to empty, clean and reorganize it- the minute I opened the door to evaluate the situation- I immediately closed it and said “NOPE!”- grabbed a banana and took a break.

(The banana is long gone- but I am still on that break)

I have piles of books to be cataloged sitting all over my living room (and don’t get me started on the couple hundred downstairs either!) The laundry has exploded all over my bedroom- the job of folding it happens to be completely boring now because something happened to the TV and I can’t fix it- (….add that to the Honey Do list)

I am sorry- this is 2017- We fold Laundry to Netflix now. Non-negotiable. (Don’t tell me to just listen to music instead- that is for the rest of the housework!)

I am currently having difficulty with my youngest daughter who has announced that she will no longer be attending school until her daddy returns to live with us! Yes. My six year old is under ‘formal protest’ that her daddy is away a lot for work. I keep trying to explain that it is daddy’s job that buys her Shopkins and Beanie Boo collections- but she is having none of it. I’m not going to lie- the extra cuddles and talks this is providing between us is a lovely thing and I am milking them for all I can (because I love her cute little face and miss her being a baby) and I tremendously admire her passion for her cause- but she’s going to school.


It’s funny how it works at times. It has it’s ups and it has its downs. We have our dramas, whether they are self inflicted- uncontrollable or just plain ridiculous. We get lost in the small things- that snowball into these big things…..our tasks seem never ending. Life rarely wants to slow down.

Every day is different.

Every week.

Every year.

We live in a time when we take on too much and don’t always get to step back and appreciate what we have. (GUILTY)

We become easily frustrated, angry and overwhelmed. (SO GUILTY)

Sometimes I miss being a kid- This adulting thing isn’t fun. (Take notes teenagers)

Through all of this- the one thing I keep telling myself and my children is :

“This is all just temporary!”

My husband will be back with us eventually– he visits every chance he gets and as tough as it is- we are making it work long distance.

My current health situation is temporary. Hopefully after my next surgery this summer- I will be as good as new and we can put this behind us for good.

My feeling of being overwhelmed is temporary. As much as I feel like I am at my wits end right now- I know it will all pass and things will settle down.

SCHOOL is temporary. There are only seven more weeks left in the school year before vacation. I say this more for myself then my daughter ( Ugh…I am so sick of making school lunches!)  I tried telling my six year old that summer is coming and she said “Yeah- but summer is just for a bit! I have to keep going to school until I’m old”

(She really is too smart for her own good)

No matter what- the good news is that I have amazing friends surrounding me who’s love and support range from “You’ve got this!” “Do you need to talk?” to “Oh just shut up and finish a task already!”

That said, I started a project recently- through all of this I have decided to use my quiet nights alone -not just for writing- but for reconnecting with my friends through ‘snail mail’- That’s right- I am taking things off Facebook and going ‘old school’.

I have so many friends who are always there to listen to me, support me, guide me and cheer me on.

So all this said- I have a challenge for you:

  1. Collect your friends addresses (if you haven’t already) – I put a call out on Facebook for everyone no matter what our relationship that I wanted addresses and that we are going old school! I filled up several pages with all kinds of friends and family wanting to participate!

2)After your hard day- and during your time to unwind- forget about you for a minute- I want you to take five minutes to write a card and let a friend in your life know how much you appreciate them.  Let them know how much you value how they always stand by you. This can apply to close friends, acquaintances, people you would like to get to know better, neighbors and family.

3) Mail them. Maybe you will write one a day, one a week, several a day…. that is up to you. You figure that out!

Remember: Our problems and every day stresses are temporary- but good friendships? They last forever.

Authors Note: Let me know in the comments if you are accepting the ‘Snail Mail’ challenge I have put forth!

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