By The First Drop…

A bead of sweat slowly slips down her forehead,

It goes ignored as she concentrates.

Eyes closed

Spine straight

Legs crossed

Neck stretch to the left…

…Slowly stretches to the right before returning to center.

That drop of perspiration continues a path down her cheek as more escape from her pores.

It’s hot

It’s humid

It’s glorious!

Tension flows out her body,

She can direct it,

Feel it,

Take comfort in it,

As the energy weaves like ribbons through her soul…

Muscles relax

Peace radiates in a glow

Calmness consumes her being as the first bead of sweat descends to the floor…

Eyes open

Piercing cornflower blue

Determined to seize the day:

“Game On Bitches!”

Written by Irene ©TheyOnceCalledHerPumpkin

Inspired by Today’s Daily Prompt: Radiate

Authors Note: I wish I could start the day like this character. Instead I kicked today off with a headache and am now sipping coffee while plunking away at my laptop. Dare to Dream People…..Dare to Dream…..

via Daily Prompt: Radiate