My Imaginary Friend 

I have an imaginary friend,

You’d wish you had him too!

We joke and laugh and play all day,

As that is what friends should do!

He seems to have a temper though,

Sends books sailing across the room!

Opens drawers!

Knocks over chairs!

Loves to dance around with the broom!

He makes dog run!

Cats hiss!

Neighborhood children run in fear!

I don’t know why though,

He refuses to leave the property,

Prefers to stay in here.

No one likes to come visit now,

They say he’s not just in my head!

It never once occurred to me,

He’s really back from the dead!

Written by Irene ©TheyOnceCalledHerPumpkin

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Inspired by Today’s Daily Prompt Word: Imaginary

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