I know….I know….

My posts lately have been few and far between.

This isn’t even on purpose, but just how busy I have been recently. My ‘spare time’ lately seems to be completely dedicated to getting back in shape or unwinding with a book in the evenings.

I miss writing. I miss blogging. 

I need to figure out a better routine! There are so many hours in a day and I still can’t figure out a decent schedule to follow!

I am a constant ‘work in progress’….

I decided that we needed to take a break from ‘The Real World’ – Dance season just ended in a wonderful recital last week. School is winding down with just a few weeks left. (Which is good because I am so sick and tired of making school lunches…..I hope they don’t notice I am just tossing in granola bars and sending toasted naan with garlic cheese…..) I finally have the majority of my kitchen renovation picked out, purchased and getting ready to start that in a month! I have been getting the house back into shape after for awhile there my housework took a hit (I couldn’t keep up!) – My daughter had strep throat (again!!) somewhere in there, and my poor dog Otis was ill with an ear infection- which of course because he is a stubborn pooch meant that I had to drive him daily to the veterinarian to have his drops administered! I am happy to report he is much better now and they gave him a clean bill of health!

My kids had a three day weekend this weekend- so we extended it into a four day weekend and here we are- back in Louisville Kentucky at our temporary ‘vacation’ condo with my husband who is usually hard at work here. We miss him being home…but we are making the most of everything! I am trying to get all the Kentucky fun in -as my next surgery date- while not officially scheduled yet- I am told will be in late August or September. (And then I am down and out for a bit again…..)

My husband was scheduled to work all weekend, and that was okay- we just wanted to be with him (even if it was just in the evenings) but we arrived yesterday to discover that he has rearranged his work schedule so we could spend lots of time together as a family and discover more of Kentucky!

I had plans all weekend to hang at the condo, read, write, blog and do yoga and pilates- just relax but it looks like we have an adventure ahead tomorrow! I believe we are going to head off to participate in a cavern tour adventure! Who knows what else we will find along the way.  (I am kicking myself for not packing my runners….do you think I will be able to manage cave tours in a sun-dress and sparkly ballet flats…?)

I just wanted to send a note for the curious to let you know that I am well-  I have lots of blog ideas, topics and stories  – I just have to find time to write, polish them up and publish!

Topics ahead include:

Working out and Weight-loss- My journey so far!

The Louisville Diaries- Stories from our Kentucky Adventures! 

(If you missed it- This post was actually inspired by something that took place here:  In A Perfect World )

Otis – More Boxer Dog tales


Yet another watercolor painting….

And of course several book recommendations….. more mental health blogs….. more poems…..etc…..

As usual- There will be a little bit of everything!

I also need to get on top of the writing prompts again and of course poke my nose in and read all of your wonderful blogs! Bare with me as I play catch up!

Now- I shall end this random, rambling letter and go take a shower (I write this as I down a much needed Vanilla Latte after a workout!) and then get started on those promised posts!