Many Many Posts Ago, I let you know that I had surgeon approved go-ahead to start working out again.

Thanks to my insomnia, my schedule and other things- It took me awhile to get going.

It wasn’t until my clothes stopped fitting- (Jeans were too tight, cutting into me, wouldn’t fasten…..suddenly my favorite shirts were rolling up my stomach……) that I really received the wake up call that I need to stop slacking and start doing.

I needed to commit to this health goal on a daily basis.

The fact I had to pack a lot of clothes away was extremely upsetting. I had to go out and buy new items to get me through the summer. It was really hard buying clothes that were up a size. It doesn’t feel good. My self esteem has severely taken a direct hit.

When I first declared I was going to get back in shape and lose weight- I started with making simple adjustments to my diet- which has been hard- I am both anemic and suffer from insomnia- so on my exhausted days it is really hard not to eat or drink something sugary to help me wake up. It doesn’t help I actually don’t even like sugar on a normal day. To crave it drives me nuts.

Yeah- Yeah- I know- drinking water does help wake a person up- I used to preach that all the time, but when in a sleepy fogyou don’t care. Trust me. I actually at one point considered putting signs on my pantry so ‘sane me’ could remind ‘exhausted me’ to step away from the White Chocolate Coconut Bar.

I finally switched the chocolate and odd mouthful (**cough** handfuls) of cotton candy out for strawberries and raspberries. Now the chocolate is a weekly treat and I just discovered Cotton Candy Tea from Davids Tea….. IMG_5008That cotton candy flavor with a hell of a lot less calories! (It’s an amazingly refreshing iced tea!) It certainly curbs that cotton candy craving. Instead of Pop/Soda for a recharge- I turn to flavored sparkling water (mmmm Green Apple Perrier!) – bubbles, fresh flavor and no calories! Of course lots and lost of regular water too.

Workouts: I started with cardio because I love cardio. I have a home gym- so I make good use out of my elliptical and treadmill. I hate running- I am not a runner….yet I have been alternating running and walking on the treadmill. I am starting slow- yet pushing myself every time I get on the machines to go a bit farther, sweat a bit more and add a few extra minutes.

As I am currently away from home this weekend, I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I brought my yoga mat and PiYo and Pilates DVDs with me and yesterday- I started adding my PiYo (by Beachbody) into my routine. When I arrive home- I will continue my cardio AND my PiYo! I also have future plans to try Beachbody’s Yoga Retreat!

Just in the past two weeks of focusing and dedication I have lost a total of five pounds and one inch off my waist. Since some of this recent weight gain happened after my surgery- I was hoping that it would come off quick and so far I am not disappointed. I know it will be a while and a lot of hard work before I reach my goals but I WILL get there.

My determination knows no bounds.

I want to at least lose the weight I had gained post surgery before I go under the knife again in a couple of months. I won’t lie- these Seton’s in my tush do bother me still- for the most part I am completely used to living with them now- but there are days when I am in pain- so I listen to my body. I don’t push myself on those days. Luckily those days only happen about once a week.

Some people think I am crazy- Why would I focus on working out when I have these Seton’s in my body?

Do you know that my surgeon ENCOURAGES the working out? This all comes with his blessing provided I know when to stop if it becomes too much.

So far so good.

With the addition of PiYo- my muscles have been awakened and they are certainly announcing their presence today.

(I hurt….oh how I hurt….but it is a good hurt… It is an ‘I am doing something good for me’ hurt) 

My abs may not look like a six pack- but deep down they are burning like they want to become one. (Hell- I will settle for a four pack….) 

My arms may not be defined as of yet- but my muscles are throbbing because they know that yesterday was just the beginning of the latest attack.

Dear Body,

You’ve been put on notice! Shape up or…..or…..or….


Okay, so I can’t ‘get rid of you’ but I can whip you into shape. 

I am doing this for your own good! I will be triumphant-

Got it? 



Post Inspired by Today’s Daily Prompt: Triumph 

Featured Image©TheyOnceCalledHerPumpkin (was taken Summer 2016 while I was doing Yoga at the Cottage)