It’s hard to believe we are finally here- but the end of June is rapidly approaching.

Translation: There are only TWO more weeks of School!!!!

Now- Some parents may moan and groan about summer vacation. Now they have to find things to do for their kids. It’s going to get loud. Let the fighting between siblings and the complaining about boredom commence! Blah blah blah….. Whatev’s Debbie Downer…..

I don’t see it that way.

I have been waiting for this moment for the past month and a half!!

Yes- I am one of those mom’s who is delighted the kids will be home!

I can’t wait to stop packing school lunches (Which at this point in the school year is whatever random crap I can toss into their lunch bags with minimal effort!)


 Child: “Mom!! Can I have a lunchable?”

Me: “NO!- I’ll make you a healthy homemade version, with a side of freshly baked banana bread and some cut up vegetables!”


Child: “Mom!! Can you buy me a lunchable??”

Me: “Ugh- NO!! Do you know how unhealthy those are?”


Child: “Mom!! Can you PLEASE buy me a lunchable?”

Me: “Sure! Would you prefer Ham, Turkey or Bologna?”

My philosophy on the school lunch is that during the last month or two- I will send whatever makes my life easier, makes THEM eat and I will worry about the healthy food being consumed before and after school. Is it just me or is there something about a lunch box that makes food unappealing? I have often wondered that since I was young…..

We can sleep in!! I don’t have to worry about them being late for the bus! No more trying to convince my teenager to be a morning person! No more chasing them around making sure they are out the door on time! No more having to run back home for forgotten items…

There won’t be any more ‘clothing battles’! I don’t have to worry about them being dressed in ‘School Appropriate’ clothes (Ugh…don’t get me started….)– If they want to wear spaghetti straps because the weather is hot and humid – They can do so with my blessing and without fear of getting into trouble.

They get to spend time with me!! Whether it is when we take off on our family vacation- find a fun activity or I turn them into my little maids and teach them how to properly clean the house! We are going to have fun while we do it!

Child: “Mommy I’m bored!!”

Me: “GREAT!!! Grab the broom! It’s time to sweep!”

Child: “I’m not that bored!”

Me: “Too Late! Let’s put some music on and dance while we clean!”

As you can see- I am relieved that summer is approaching.

I know that once the end of August rolls around, I will be delighted to return them to school. I will be happy there will be a structured routine. I will be relieved to be able to clean the house myself and have more ‘downtime’.

Or maybe I wont.

My oldest does go off to high school in September…

Hey- Has anyone figured out Time Travel yet?


Question: What do YOU look forward to about Summer Break??

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