Authors Note: With my husband working in Louisville, Kentucky for the majority of the year, we are spending a lot of time in the Bluegrass State and seeing what it has to offer. I take the kids on weekends when I can (Hubby comes home every two weeks) and we are trying our best to make the best out of a stressful situation.

I have decided to share with you some of our discoveries as tourists- so that others can visit and find reasons to explore what I have come to know as an extremely beautiful piece of America.

I will admit- These blogs will not be published in order of how we have discovered them, but they will be published when ready! I am not affiliated, paid to publish or promote any of the these places, I am just a happy tourist looking for fun things to talk about!



Lost River Cave- Bowling Green, Kentucky

The first time the girls and I traveled down to Louisville to meet up with my husband, we were hit by yet another ridiculous Thunderstorm. It was one of far too many that we had seen that day (and unfortunately this wasn’t even the last or the worst one!)

I was tired. We had just spent an insane amount of time in atrocious traffic from Dayton through Cincinnati and when the skies opened up as I crossed the Ohio-Kentucky border, I decided to pull into the next rest station to wait the storm out and take a break.

We decided to take the time and grab some pamphlets to see what Kentucky had to offer for our family. The very first one we grabbed? Lost River Cave.

This actually went straight to the top of our ‘To-Do’ list. We had discovered our love for Cave Tours last summer in Hershey, Pennsylvania when we toured the Indian Echo Caverns. So to tour a cave on a boat? YES PLEASE!

Due to a very active weather weekend- we decided to save that particular trip for another visit.

The good news is that on our last trip, the weather was hot and rain free! We piled in the car and ventured into Bowling Green for our tour.

We were not disappointed.

It’s well sign posted- so it is easy to find!

At the Lost River Cave, they have beautiful grounds- I will admit we didn’t take the time to follow the trails around the property (You see…. this diva forgot to pack her running shoes……) but what we did see and walk through was stunning. There were several people out with their dogs, young families out for a stroll, even a couple toting yoga mats- what a brilliant idea! Yoga in that lush green scenery? I’m in!

I went a bit camera happy as we waited. I miss living next to a forest with hiking trails- so I was enjoying the peace that comes with being out in nature.

Our tour started on time and we headed down to the first stop; The Blue Hole. Our guide was extremely personable, knowledgeable and did an excellent job relaying the history of the property- including The Blue Hole (I believe she said that it is one of three on the property) IMG_5204legends and facts in regards to why the water is ‘blue’ (and why it wasn’t particularly blue that day) She told stories about men drowning in the water and how it was known as a ‘man eating bottomless pit’ (Turns out it isn’t- but there are reasons as to why people thought that…take the tour for more information…) It was all incredibly fascinating.

The history geek in me was thrilled! I love learning new things!

She then took us over to the mouth of the cave.


I don’t know about you- but I have these moments in my life where I am just in awe of what can be found in Nature- and walking up to this cave was no joke. I was in complete awe and just wanted to stay and admire it all day.IMG_5088

However, there was a tour to take! More to see!

Once we were in the mouth of the cavern, we could really get a good look at this dance-floor, under a tin roof- complete with a stunning lit chandelier……

A dance-floor in the cave? What the what?

That’s right! This cavern has a pretty rich history- one where at one point- it actually operated as a nightclub!

The Cavern Nite Club ran from the 1930’s through late 50’s/early 60’s and even featured famous performers such as Dinah Shore! (source: Wikipedia)

The thought of that to me is beyond fabulous! If only we could go back in time, dress up and partake in the merriment…

As our guide told us the history of the nightclub and the previous owner of the property and how you can get married here, I turned to my husband:

“Can we get renew our vows here? PLEASE??!!”

(He was NOT on-board with that….Apparently marrying me the first time was expensive enough…..He complains- but it was a fabulous party….) 

Can you just imagine the fun that was had here?

I digress….

After my youngest donned a life vest and the rest of us grabbed our floating seat cushions, we loaded onto the small boat that would take us further into the cave on the river.

What an experience!!

Look how low the cave was!

We had to all lean forward into the center of the boat and duck as we passed under the lowest part of the cave to really begin our adventure. As we floated along, our guide told us stories about how the cavern has been known to flood, the lost river, stories of soldiers who used the cave during the civil war… The river was roaring the deeper into the cave we went. The tour turns back before the rapids- which by the way is much appreciated.

It was truly a unique family outing and for the writer in me, certainly an inspiring trip. My mind was going a mile a minute coming up with scenarios, as I snapped pictures trying to capture the cave. I want to remember this. Who knows when it will come in handy for a story!

So glad those barriers were there! That part of the river was loud!

One of the benefits of touring the Lost River Cave is that the money you spend goes directly into the property. They are a Non-Profit Organization– Which is just another bonus -knowing your money is well spent maintaining such a beautiful piece of nature and it’s history! (and not going to some rich CEO looking to buy a gold bidet for his loo…)

Fun Fact: The Cave/River spent many years as a dump site. It has (obviously) since been cleaned and reclaimed!

If you are looking for things to do in Kentucky- this Canadian absolutely recommends visiting the Lost River Cave!

If you are looking for a gorgeous and truly unique wedding spot- DO THIS!!! (Then invite me and let me live vicariously through you!) 

I may even have to wander back there in the years to come! (Especially if I can convince my husband that a vow renewal would be fun….)

The Cave is open for boat tours year round!

For More Information- Please visit the Lost River Cave website:

The Lost River Cave was just one adventure we had that day! We ended up at another really cool spot after that…

The National Corvette Museum

Bowling Green- You certainly are a fun area to visit!

Stay Tuned! 

Here are just a few more photos from our visit…..!

All Photos Taken by Moi!