The Frenemy

You tried to meddle in my life,

Because you don’t have one of your own?

You tried to make me look like a bad person,

When I did nothing wrong!

You projected your issues onto me,

Yet I refused to accept we’re the same!

You liked to twist my words,

But didn’t appreciate it when I unwound them…

You pushed and you pushed,

When I chose to try and ignore your drama.

You stooped to calling me names,

Fed up, I flung them back!

Suddenly I was rude?

When I sunk to your level?

Yet you started it!

Now you’re a ‘victim’?

Of what? Your own game?

You sought me out!

For reason’s I don’t even know!

You tried to knock me down,

Yet here I stand.


What happened to make you lash out?




Or just… me?

I know that if I walk away now,

I will be okay.

But the question remains…

Will YOU?

Written by Irene ©TheyOnceCalledHerPumpkin

Post Inspired by Daily Word Prompt:  Meddle

Authors Note:  It seems like on a weekly basis, whether it is from one of my children, a friend or a stranger- I hear a story similar to my illustration.  I have a teenage daughter and the stories I hear….. oh I remember those days. The teenage years are hard to navigate! I have had to let her know that unfortunately these types of scenarios can happen at all ages. The solution is all in the way we choose to handle it. Emotions can run high and human nature takes over- I find the older I get the more I choose to walk away- (Not always- because I am hot-head who is far from perfect….) Thank goodness that for me at this age, these types of things are few and far between. I just wish I had possessed that skill when I was younger. It isn’t easy when a friend suddenly turns on you, and as someone who has been on both sides of the coin- There is always more to the story behind what started it… (Unless a narcissist is involved) Sometimes it can be so simple and worth working through- But other times? The friendship is toxic and in need of dismissal! Friends fight- that is a given..but a constant pattern of negative and even cruel behavior is something that shouldn’t be ignored or tolerated.

Friendships come and go….some as a blessing, others as a lesson.

As an adult- I even chose to apologize to those I hurt when I was young. I wish some of those who treated me in that manner had done the same… but I will live… I learned my lesson. I am grateful for those who have forgiven me and those friendships that have been repaired over time.

In the end- If you find yourself on the receiving end of someone trying to meddle, put you down and treat you like crap? Do what is right for you! (Walk away)