A few weeks ago, my daughter came running into the house yelling that we had to get the dog out of the backyard and help the large turtle!

Turtle? What turtle??

After we managed to coax Otis indoors (Thank Goodness he had not discovered he was sharing the yard with his Turtle Friend!) we headed out back to see what we could do for our stranded visitor.

Our neighbors had warned us that from time to time this may happen- but after two years a Turtle had finally lost it’s way and wandered to our home.

Oh how I wish this turtle could talk! I wonder how old he was! Where he was trying to get to? Does he know Crush? Dory? Speak Whale?

After snapping a few pictures- My husband donned some gloves and he and the kids wandered over to the nearby creek to return our new friend to his natural habitat.

After this- I am careful to scan the yard for other Turtles- I am sure they have no desire to become Otis’s new best friend…



via Photo Challenge: Transient

Images ©TheyOnceCalledHerPumpkin