Writers Block

Another crumpled sheet floats to the floor, 

Joining the pile of discarded drafts.

I nervously tap the pen onto the notebook,

As if it will magically inspire.

It doesn’t.

What do I do?

Pour one more cup of tea?

Sit for another hour and continue to create nothing but a mess?

My apologies to the trees…

My blue-box will be full this week…

Full of half-ass ideas and disappointment.

Perhaps tomorrow my creative side will show.

Perhaps I will write something interesting…

The words will flow through me once again, 

Bringing life to an empty page.

Perhaps one day I will be published…

And be able to take pride in my hard work.

Even if just one person actually reads it, let alone likes it…

Yes- tomorrow is another day to try again,

To work on a dream that means the world to me. 

Tomorrow is full of potential.

I just hope I have another notebook…


Written by Irene©TheyOnceCalledHerPumpkin

Inspired by the Daily Prompt:Paper

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