It’s been a few months since I started this blog. 

I would tell you exactly how many months it has been, but that involves math and/or checking my actual stats and truth be told I don’t want to….

(I haven’t slept more then eight hours in the past seventy-two hours… I am surprised I still know how to type….) 

After much back and forth, talking to other bloggers, asking friends and readers… I have decided to take my blog one step further. I am expanding it on social media!

**Cue the Band**


I have created even more work for myself… but that is okay. I want the chance to be more interactive with fellow bloggers and of course my wonderful followers.

Twitter will revolve around not just my blogs, but retweeting more blogs that I read, getting to know my fellow bloggers and followers better with of course the odd bit of extra fun tossed in. You may notice the new Twitter ticker on the right side of your screen (if you are on a laptop at least-scroll down if you are on another device….)

Facebook– Considering I made this decision and created the page while I am half asleep- I am still getting organized as to how I will go about this! I do know a few things just off the top of my head… I want Memes! I want friendly discussions! Play some games! I want to share more photos of my dog Otis and other miscellaneous things that entertain us all…


I am still figuring out all the extras (Adding Widgets….Adding Content…. Following other bloggers and blogs….blah blah blah…. ) but I am excited to take They Once Called Her Pumpkin to the next level!

On Facebook:

On Twitter: @oncepumpkin1

Let’s Connect!!!

(and now that I have shared this with you all…..I am going for a nap….)