There seems to be a reoccurring theme popping up for me today…

Writers Block

On Twitter, Facebook and yes.. even other blog postings.. The topic of ‘Writer’s Block’ is a hot one in my social media circle, it seems like there are several of us in the same boat this week.

Like so many of my blogging/writing peers, I seem to yet again be suffering from another round of ‘The Block’ and quite frankly it is driving me up the wall! It hasn’t been that long since I wrote this particular piece as I tried to fight the blocking beast.

The funny thing is that this time around, my ‘block’ has nothing to do with not having anything to write!

I find my mind is in overload. I have too much to write, too much that I want to say on a variety of topics and I am suffering an internal traffic jam.

Mentally, the volume of topics bouncing around in my brain have all come together in a shit storm; one where I can’t voice exactly what I want to say because my mind wanders from one topic to the next before I can even finish my thoughts.

(It is quite maddening)

I have started a total of five new posts today and each one of them needs attention, more thought, editing and several rewrites before they are ready to be published.

If I bother to at all.

There is another factor contributing to my ‘block’ and it is that voice in the back of my head that says:

“Ugh….why do I even bother?”

Why do I bother writing down my thoughts, stories and opinions? Will anyone even read it? Does it even matter that I am contributing to the flood of information, ideas, etc.. that are clogging up our web?

Are you familiar with this voice?

Yeah- I tell her to shut up too.

I write because I love it! It helps me! It soothes me! THAT is why I bother! Nuts to the rest of the negative thoughts!

End of story.

This entire post that you are currently reading is me ranting and working through it all, just trying to unclog my brain and the problem… and I know that a lot of you reading this can relate.

We have our blogs, our stories, our creative works- we want to create content and feel that sense of accomplishment when we hit that Publish button… Audience or not.

We just want to write.

We just want to have our words flow.

We want to hear the clicking of the keyboard keys as our thoughts and ideas take shape on the screen.

Click click click

During these moments of utter frustration, the ones where I am distracted, or even disturbed by someone/something as I am trying to get into my ‘writing space’ – I wonder what it was like in a simpler time… wondering if things were a lot easier then.

A place in time that predates all of us… The one where the internet didn’t exist… When there wasn’t an information overload… Where there was no such thing as computers…Where one took a quill to parchment to write their grand ideas down…

I love to imagine how simple things once were…

…How beautiful the silence must’ve been…

No phones. No traffic. No fast paced life. No distractions everywhere you turned…

…but then I remember how much I like being an independent woman who doesn’t have to wear petticoats in the summer heat and I am quite over it.

Funny how that works.

I guess the whole point of this post is that if you are like me and suffering from information overload that has lead to writers block…

Just Keep swimming Writing.

It really is the best tip.

Write the ridiculous. Write the outrageous. Write the boring. The interesting. Write the inspiring!

Write a rant!

A review!

Whether it is with a pen or on a computer:

Write your crap down because you never know where your mind will wander and what you will come up with next!

Post Inspired by Daily Prompt: Quill