I have no idea if I have let you in on this secret before (Let’s face it- I have a lot of blogs posts) but when I was a kid I had several ideas of what kind of exciting future I would have.

I wanted to be the next Emily Dickinson (True story! I was obsessed with her when I think I was seven or eight!)

I wanted to be a writer (Which I have discussed before..)

A journalist…

An actress…

and even an archaeologist!

That is right.

When I was younger I was completely in love with the idea that I could grow up to dig around looking for buried treasure and dinosaur bones.

This possible future career path decided to bleed into my school recesses. 

I lived outside a small village in my little corner of Ontario. My school was small, having started off as tiny building that expanded into a slightly bigger (but smaller than most) village school. (Fun Fact: We didn’t even have a gym!) It was set in a wooded area on the edge of the village, next to a forest and we were lucky kids who had pine needles and trees to play in.

We didn’t have playground equipment until much later in my elementary school career, so imagination was a big part of how we spent out recesses -if we weren’t playing with basketballs or baseballs, skipping ropes or participating in an exciting game of Red Rover. (Yes- I grew up in the time before it was banned…)

As kids we would play in the wooded areas of the property.

We would build pine needle forts- pretend that we were pioneers- create mazes in the dirt, play hide and seek among the trees.

Some may think it sounds unfortunate that we were an ‘Playground-less’ school- but honestly I am glad that we grew up like that. (Though when they eventually added the tether ball and the monkey bars…that was AH-May-zing!)

I remember one year where I was obsessed with ‘discovering’ something, especially since the grounds of our school were ‘old’… so I helped gather up my friends and we decided to dig in one of the back parts of the forest- looking for treasure. Usually this was a lost cause, but one time we lucked out.

We found what the teachers assumed must have been where the people who used to own the land buried their trash. (Exciting, eh?) Using our trusty sticks, we dug into the ground and eventually hit something hard- we kept digging until we pulled out these old antique bottles and several broken pieces of glass. Only two of the bottles were intact- my friend and I each took one home to clean up so we could eagerly show off our treasures.

In our young minds- we hoped that they were worth a fortune.

Clearly they weren’t and while yes, they were old… they were a dime a dozen as it was gently pointed out to us- but it was a neat find for a child.

(I tried to imagine who made the bottle, what the family who used the bottle was like, what was the bottle used for, why would they choose to bury it in a wooded area, who dropped it into the ground….)

Obviously I didn’t grow up to be an archaeologist but there is a part of me that would love the chance to join a dig just to cross it off my bucket list!

I no longer have the bottle, sadly it has been lost somewhere along the years.

What I do have is a fond memory of my childhood- when I was still innocent, full of wonder and youthful optimism.

After all these years, even after life’s ups and downs, the good and the bad…I still have my imagination.

I still have the ability to dream, to create, to wonder…

My childhood gave me that and no one will ever take that away from me.

The man who has no imagination has no wings.

~Muhammad Ali

I may not have grown up to be any of the careers I listed (or be a great poet like Emily Dickinson) but I am perfectly content to continue on my journey to see where life takes me.

Who knows-

Maybe one day, a hundred years from now- some bright eyed kid will discover something of mine and wonder all about me!

Hmmm…I wonder what I should bury?

Post Inspired by Daily Prompt: Bury

Featured Image: Is of me as a child- no idea how old -but it is the eighties and I am digging in the sand somewhere…