I love a morning where I can just sleep in and actually feel rested.

Today was such a morning.

Last night my kids begged and pleaded with me to let them have a ‘Sister Sleepover’ in the living room.

We moved the coffee table out of the way, dragged their mattresses from their rooms and with the help of Otis- set them up comfortably so they could stay up late and camp out.

He thinks making the bed is a game.

Otis was especially thrilled. He is normally not allowed on the beds- so these sleepovers are a real treat for him!

I let them be, knowing full well that my youngest would be asleep within twenty minutes and my oldest would eventually wind down and pass out after watching something on You Tube (she is currently addicted to watching make up tutorials)

Since Otis was occupied with his girls in what he considers ‘his’ territory- he didn’t wake me during the night to go out or by walking around making his rounds (He is known for checking on all of us as we sleep which tends to wake us up….) IMG_5631

No alarms were set today. 

I have a lot that I need to do. Tomorrow is the next phase of the kitchen remodeling! New counters and a new sink to be installed! I can’t wait!

My to-do list is long. 

I have to clean the kitchen out. Empty cabinets, move things into our downstairs kitchen (which is tiny and not an actual functioning kitchen at the moment- but it will have a working sink…) and just because I am a glutton for punishment- While I am in ‘Kitchen Mode’… I have scheduled a pantry clean out and reorganization for today.

(And that is just the kitchen stuff on my list…lets not speak of laundry…)

On a regular day- all of this would send me into a panic, I would typically feel overwhelmed, stressed out and tired. Depending on my mood, some days are hard to get through- especially when my depression is on a down-slide. There are so many days when I have no motivation, and have to force myself to do the simplest of tasks.

However after a good nights sleep, and a peaceful morning of lollygagging..

I am set to conquer the kitchen world!

(You know…right after I finish writing this blog and my tea….) 

It may sound ridiculous to some, but you have no idea what a relief it is to actually feel ‘relaxed’ when it isn’t something you don’t typically feel. It’s an immense relief right now that my mind is quiet, I don’t currently feel this pressure, panic and anxiety over what most would consider ‘relatively simple tasks’. My mind feels clear, focused- I am not overwhelmed and my mood is rather cheery. I hope this feeling lasts awhile!

It’s a good day. 

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Now, let’s just hope I remember to set the alarm for tomorrow or those workers may be in for a surprise…