Do you ever have one of those days where you want to have a ‘Do Over’?

That is me today.

After a lovely, happy and productive day yesterday- I found that my Friday didn’t go as planned…

This is my story.

It started yesterday afternoon when the first call came in, it was the granite company having to postpone our counter install for today. I was disappointed- but having them delay, meant that I could stop rushing around and would have more time to prepare for our upcoming trip. In fact- If a whole new day just opened up for me- I not only had breathing space to complete my To-Do list, I could add a few more things to my list, plus get everything ready and leave a day early for Louisville!

I immediately called the Kennel and left a message asking if they could take Otis a day early.

I was excited- I could have an extra day with my husband tagged onto this trip then eventually return from Louisville to focus on the Kitchen Renovation and not have it sit around for awhile.

Way to turn the situation around- right?

The kennel finally returns my call, full of apology…

They are fully booked. We have to keep our original schedule.


Things started to unwind from there.

I ended up staying up late last night doing laundry. I put a load in far too late- I didn’t anticipate that it would take forever to wash and spin!! I hate leaving wet clothes sit around- so I didn’t go to bed until almost midnight when I could finally get them in the dryer. That will teach me for putting a load of clothes on before 10pm!!

I wish I could tell you that I slept and had wonderful dreams of the cast of Magic Mike fighting over me, but unfortunately Otis decided that he was going to be restless… and he kept marching through the house checking on us- this started around three a.m. I am an extremely light sleeper, so every time he scratched or pushed on a door… I heard it.

Every pitter-patter of paws on tile was like nails on a chalkboard as I tossed and turned.

I got up to try to shoo him back to his bed and he scampered off… only to resume his night watch about twenty minutes later.

The Night-time Boxer Bandit!

Around 4:30am he decided it was play time.

I had to shove a pillow over my head and yell at him to go to bed. I could hear him running around the living room with his toys.

By 5:30am I am still not asleep and he is now scratching to go outside- the birds were starting to chirp their morning song.

I grumpily let him out, and once his business was complete and he was running through the house again..I went to my room and landed face first in my bed where I finally fell asleep for another hour or so.

It’s a good thing the workers weren’t coming to the house today.

I was a crank.

I was completely forgetful-so much so that I told my kids to get in the car. I refused to create dishes and make work- so I told them we were going to pick up lunch. We got in the car and I realized that I had forgot my keys!

I went back into the house, found my keys and my sunglasses walked back into the garage only to say ‘Huh?’

I looked down at my feet.

I had forgot to put on my shoes!!

Son of a….

This wasn’t my day!

(Though when I look back at it the shoe thing wasn’t so bad compared to when I caught myself putting a bag of garbage in the fridge this morning…)

At one point I tried having a conversation with my daughter about conspiracy theories (which she instigated while I down yet another tea) and instead of telling her “Watch what you believe, those things can be total pish-posh”

I ended up saying “Watch what you believe, those things can be total…….pooey-huggies”

Pooey Huggies?


After we both broke out into peals of laughter she suggested that I take a nap because I clearly wasn’t myself.

I did not nap.

Instead I went to steam mop my floors- I figured that in my zombie state I could at least walk around pushing a mop- thus being somewhat productive… only to discover that my steam mop has decided to bite the dust instead of cleaning it up…

Mother Fu……


So I did what any normal person addicted to Friends would do…

I put my wedding veil on, snapped a selfie and remembered what a great day my wedding was as I lounged around.

I can be Phoebe! Who wants to be Rachel and Monica?

Suffice it to say that my Friday did not go as planned.

My list is still long.

Not a dent was made.

I feel like the day was wasted.

The extra time given to me was not productive time at all… No, It was spent forgetting things, caffeinating, staring off into space and creating the term ‘pooey huggies’.

As a matter of fact, this whole blog post is pooey huggies.

If there is anything to take away from this rambling nonsense (besides your new favorite term) it is that we all have our days where things just don’t go as planned.

Sh It happens. 

You can choose to get upset about it and sulk or you can just accept that we all have our days where things don’t go as planned- So you put on your wedding veil and shrug it off! 

I choose to shrug it off and write a ridiculous story for the world to read.

I’d rather not have the do-over.

Tomorrow is a new day. 

That said, I’d better go to bed.

(and I strongly suggest you use #pooeyhuggies in a sentence this week….)