It’s Monday morning.

(At least it was when I first started typing this)

I am trying shake off my exhaustion from yesterday’s travel from Ontario to Louisville Kentucky. (Don’t get me started on sitting in traffic on I75 for almost three hours trying to get through Cincinnati!!!!)  We made it here several hours later then planned, and feeling the long car ride in our achy legs and lower backs.

After a delicious meal at Cheddars, we came back to the condo and I passed out and slept hard.

So hard that my Vacation Week plans have not gone off to the greatest start.

You see, I have been dreaming of this particular week for awhile.

This week is dedicated to just hanging around the Condo (as my husband is working this week) as I don’t have much to do around here! (Hooray!) Other then light clean up and food prep (there is a maid service in this complex that will come in and do the harder work!) – I am not worrying about anything other then keeping the kids and I entertained.

MY personal goals and plans for the week? 


Both of which in my opinion fall under the category of ‘self care’.

I want to use my mornings for Yoga and other workouts (Hooray for my Beachbody App that travels with me!) and then sit down and read and write. I want to focus, not just on blogging… but working on my creative writing projects and gain some ground on them.

I even purchased this adorable writing prompt journal to help inspire me. 


Of course the first ‘official’ day in Louisville has been thrown off due to exhaustion.

Apparently a combination of what turned into a ridiculously long drive, stress from that ordeal, not sleeping well the past few days, and all the work around the house etc… came together with the fact my body now knows I am on vacation and BOOM.

I crashed hard last night. 

So much that even when my husbands alarm started clanging (so loud that I am surprised it wasn’t reported on CNN this morning as some Kentucky mystery noise) all I did was sit up, rub my eyes, give him a kiss and fall back asleep instead of wandering off to find my yoga mat.

It took my daughter shaking me awake at 8:30am to realize that I had overslept and Day One of my vacation had not got off to the perfect start I had wanted.

I went off to Starbucks this morning to find my energy:

6yo: “But mom…. you said that we would be walking there if you wanted a vanilla latte!”

Me: “Hush child…your mother is trapped inside her body until we caffeinate! We must do this quickly to save her. Into the car we go!”

Even the latte wasn’t enough to snap me out of it.

Hopefully this day can be saved and I can feel somewhat productive on both the Yoga front and with my writing.

Goals of the week:

*Write a new poem or maybe a short story (who knows!) 

*Write and publish via blog at least THREE entries (creative or personal) inspired by my writing prompt journal.

*Write as many words/chapters as I possible can on the novel I have been working on. If I can actually really pound the keyboard, it would be nice to at least to finally have an entire first draft completed by the time I return home in August.

*Continue to connect with other bloggers, writers, my readers and promote my blog where I can. I know that my blog isn’t monetized, it isn’t an income to me and it is a variety of topics, ideas, inspiration and more… but it helps me expand on my writing skills and creativity. I want to continue to meet others who are on a similar path as mine, learn what inspires, makes them tick and just connect. I have some ideas that would involve possible collaboration etc… but I am saving that for another time.

*Join ‘Blog Lovin’ – To expand on the above paragraph… I hear it is a great way to keep track of the blogs you love to follow. I would really like a more organized way of reading through everyone. I feel like my WordPress feed isn’t showing me all my follows and I want an easier way to navigate it.  (Are you on Blog Lovin’? What are your thoughts?)

*I also hope to polish these books off by the time my vacation comes to an end. I don’t know which one to start with first… IMG_5664


*Yoga wise- I have been doing Beachbody Yoga Retreat and I am hoping that this week is the week I can find my balance. Actually today is supposed to be a balance day (since I missed yesterday) and I am trying to work up my nerve. I have been doing quite well (I am losing inches, some weight and it turns out I am still pretty flexible after all the crap my body has been through this year)- I find the balance is where I am not the greatest.  I am aiming to complete this program next week with a big ‘I DID IT!’ and then try it again! Since starting I do feel leaner, looser and more relaxed (And the spare tire vanishing off my stomach is much appreciate!)

*I would also like to hear from my readers. Is there a topic or something of mine that you have enjoyed in the past that you would like to see me blog about? I am open to ideas. Just leave a comment or message me! 🙂 

I know this sounds like a lot to cram into one week- I also have next week but that is also dedicate to traveling! My birthday is approaching (July 28th!) so we may end up in Florida celebrating at the Magic Kingdom (it’s only been a year since we were last there and the kids are begging us) or heading up to the Keys (We have always wanted to visit them!) or we may head to New Orleans, or should we go to Dollywood… Oh there are so many options! America- you certainly have a lot of fun to offer!

No- My Monday did not get off to a stellar start… but as you can see from my list, you can bet I am going to turn that around!

Starting as soon as I hit this publish button…

Happy Monday!