My husband and I are both trying to get fit, lose weight and remain active. 

We are trying to stick with eating healthy (though I will admit to sneaking an ice cream sandwich or a Hard Apple Cider in from time to time) but we are also doing what we can actively to get back into shape.

Let me tell you kids, as you approach your late 30’s- you start noticing that things aren’t the same. Weight isn’t coming off as fast or as easy- and I have even noticed that my skin isn’t as firm as it was even last year. *sigh*


While we are staying in Louisville, I have been spending each day with my Beachbody Yoga Retreat videos- even roping the kids into learning the different poses. (They think ‘Happy Baby’ is hilarious and both are trying to beat my time at holding a Downward Dog split… Good luck with that kids… Mommy is getting good at this!) 

My husband on the other hand is not into yoga- but he is big into walking and running- so last night he decided to take me on a ‘fitness date’ to his favorite spot to do this- at the Louisville waterfront which is about a 20 minute drive from the complex that we are staying in.

Him: “Wear your runners!” 

Me: “Why? I refuse to run in this heat!”

Him: “Trust me- You’ll thank me!”

Not wanting to argue- I went off in search of socks and running shoes.

We parked near this shut down Mexican restaurant on the water (Looks like a cute location- wonder why it went out of business…) grabbed our water bottles and headed out.

This was a gorgeous location.


As we walked through this area, I commented that we would have to bring the kids with us to let them have some fun.

They have this great park for the children to play, a water area with fountains that had happy children running through it to beat the heat (I was tempted to run in… man it is hot here!) We continued to walk up (and up and up) this pedestrian walkway that curved around and took us onto The Big Four Bridge– formally a rail bridge, it is now a pedestrian only walkway (Not even Dogs allowed!) -We kept a brisk pace. There were plenty of cyclists, runners and families, friends and dates out for an evening stroll.

While I feel bad for the pooches- I love the last item that is ‘allowed’ on the bridge!


As classical music played- There were a lot of kites flown by happy kids and families on the grounds below- it looked like they had a fun kite event happening. It was neat watching the kites soar in the air. I was able to capture this image:


We walked across the bridge and on into Jefferson, Indiana (that is where I snapped the picture of the ‘rules’) then we looped around the trail from the pedestrian walk way, strolled across the parkette and up the staircase back onto the bridge and across the river back into Kentucky.

Him: “Do you want to pick up the pace and run?”

Me: “Does this LOOK like my treadmill?”

It was such a gorgeous, albeit hot evening for a walk. I am confident I walked (and sweated off) my ice cream sandwich treat.

(Also- I am glad I wore my runners for this excursion… between the pace we kept and the stairs we took leading back up to the bridge- my thighs were burning and my feet were grateful they were comfortable!)

If you ever visit Louisville- make sure you visit this waterfront area and take advantage of such a beautiful park.

Here is the website:

I leave you now with some more photos from our walk:

Authors Note: With my husband working in Louisville, Kentucky for the majority of the year, we are spending a lot of time in the Bluegrass State and seeing what it has to offer. I take the kids on weekends when I can (Hubby comes home every two weeks) and we are trying our best to make the best out of a stressful situation.

I have decided to share with you some of our discoveries as tourists- so that others can visit and find reasons to explore what I have come to know as an extremely beautiful piece of America.

I will admit- These blogs will not be published in order of how we have discovered them, but they will be published when ready! I am not affiliated, paid to publish or promote any of the these places, I am just a happy tourist looking for fun things to talk about!



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