Authors Note:

This is an ‘update’ on new events that have to do with my original blog “Things That Make You Go Hmmm..”

This blog will make more sense to you if you read that entry first- but can also be read as a Stand Alone. The first blog gives you some history to my home as well as other experiences that we have had.

This past week….we had another strange event and it is quite the coincidence that the same renovation shenanigans stirred it up!

Lord knows what is going to happen when we start adding in the back-splash…

What you are about to read is the blog- as I started to write it a few days ago. Unfortunately life got a little crazy and I was unable to finish writing this until today.

For the people who have been waiting for it, I apologize for the delay.


I have had three hours sleep.

Three hours.

I am an exhausted wreck this morning.

My Mug Says It All!

We had repair work done on our new counter tops yesterday (long story short- the installers broke the piece, tried covering it up, leaving it for me to discover) After I had complained, the fabricators came into my house, were shocked to see the mess I discovered hidden under a cabinet and did their best to repair it but they told me straight up it wasn’t going to be good enough. The granite had been badly damaged.

Needless that while I am grateful that they tried- I had to write yet another email to the company- this one more scathing then the first– letting them know that the attempt to repair failed and they need to rectify the situation immediately. I did not pay thousands of dollars to end up with a broken counter.

(Trust me- this is important to the story)

Anyway… sometime around 12:30am I attempt to go to bed- I went about my routine- debated on whether or not to charge my iPhone (it was at 60%)– after scrolling twitter I set it down and rolled over. Five minutes later I went to pick up my phone and it wouldn’t turn on.


Did I shut it off?


I knew it had battery power when I set it down. I took it out of the case, inspected it- tried again. Nothing.

Now I have an appointment this morning- and because this is 2017- I use my phone as an alarm. I also use it as my main line for people to reach me since our house phone sucks. People -like the company I need to be in contact with to solve my kitchen renovation nightmare…


I got out of bed and went to my teenage daughters room- she woke up when she heard me turn all the lights back on. She offered to lend me her phone so I could use the alarm and text my husband that my phone was busted and that he could reach me through her. She passed her phone to me, rolled over and told me to shut the lights off.

Even with doing this- I wasn’t satisfied.

I wanted MY phone working again.

I remember that we have had this happen with an iPhone before.

It is now just after 1am by the time I log back onto my laptop- scroll Facebook before I start Googling what happened and ways to try to fix it.

My middle of the night FYI for friends and family

One thread told me it may be a sudden battery drain- another said it was probably a software crash…

I read through a bunch of forums etc..

I decided to listen to the advice of Mr Software Crash- I held the power and home buttons down for 20 seconds so the Apple icon would reappear.

It worked!!!

(…at 25 seconds but who’s counting?)

Now as this is happening and my phone is rebooting… I start hearing faint music.

The time is around 1:30am.

At first I thought it was a car driving by.

The second time it happened- I assumed my teenager had heard me cheer when the icon came on the screen and ran to reclaim her phone (which was in my room at this point) thus playing games on it because she couldn’t sleep.

I was wrong. It wasn’t her- she was tucked back in her bed, cuddling Otis trying to sleep.

Maybe the music was coming from the neighbors?

Whatever- I am going to bed.

Lights out, I tuck myself in after placing my phone back in it’s spot and try to get comfortable.

A few minutes into trying to dream about Channing Tatum and I attending boarding school together (Hey…whatever helps you sleep at night right?) I hear the music again… sometimes it was short burst… others longer… this kept going on for another ten minutes.

Now I am getting annoyed. It wasn’t loud- it was actually pretty faint- but it was like someone was turning the volume up and down.

I assumed it was a younger neighbor.

About ten minutes later- (sometime around 2am) I hear the music AGAIN and this time it is louder and more distinct then before- I can actually hear that it is a female singing.

I sat up, jumped out of bed and ran into the hallway- as I am opening my door to see where the music came from- my oldest daughter is doing the same thing and running down the hall towards me.

“OMG Mom- What was that?”

“Okay- You heard that too?”

“The music? Yes! It sounded like it was out here!!”

I don’t disagree with this.

It was certainly coming from inside our house and it seemed to have changing volumes.

We both agreed that it must be a toy going off in my youngest daughters room (which is located next to mine) so we quietly went in and started looking for a ‘singing toy’.

“Is it her large Elsa doll?” I whispered

“I don’t know…it is one of the girl ones- I couldn’t hear what song it was…”

“Could she be sleeping with the toy and she keeps rolling over on it?”

“Maybe? I don’t know…”

We are poking around the room, trying to be quiet as not to wake my sleeping kid, but we can’t find what it is… We are on the floor trying to look through her doll sets when all the sudden the music starts again -causing us to jump and clamp our hands over our mouths to hide the sudden screams.

The music was muffled again- which we thought was insane- didn’t we JUST hear it loudly playing in the hallway?!!! We followed the noise to the dresser where my daughter keeps her Barbies.

The doll kept singing- the song became louder as I opened the top drawer…

I start rifling through- looking for which one was the culprit.

At the very bottom of the drawer, tangled in with the other Barbies- we were able to identify the pink haired songbird.

I pulled it out just as it finished with it’s music.

We stared at it completely baffled.

“Is the battery dying?”

“Is the button stuck?”

We crept out of the room and into the hallway where I turned on the light to have a better look at it.

This particular Barbie musically functions in two ways.

You either press the amulet she wears or you twist her body.

Neither feature was stuck.

There was no reason for Barbie to be singing.

I pressed the button to test it, I gave her a twist. She worked perfectly.


I reset her body so she was secure, held her at arms length by the feet and looked at my oldest.

“What the hell are we going to do with her?”

We stood there staring for minutes- waiting for her to go off again.

As the music hadn’t been perfectly timed before- it was a gamble as to when it would go off again. We felt very uncomfortable, chatting about where we were going to put the doll. We did not want to just put her away for her to keep going off all night- especially if it was a weird malfunction.

Barbie was quiet.

We were creep’d out.

Now- I read a lot on the paranormal- I am a sucker for all kinds of ghost hunting shows- no matter how much I think they are a bit ‘over-dramatic’ at times. (Seriously.. not every little dust particle caught on camera is an orb.. okay people?)

So I did what any other investigator would do.

I addressed the potential spirit.

“Look- if you really are there and if you can hear me- and this is you playing with the doll tonight – can you please make Barbie sing while I hold her?”

My daughter went wide eyed and backed up a bit. She thought I was crazy.

I was still holding it at arms length, with one hand around the feet- my other arm in the air to show I wasn’t touching it. I was keeping perfectly still. I wanted my daughter to see that I was not pressing anything or able to turn her body. I had that Barbie in a tight grip by the ankles. She wasn’t moving.

It was about thirty seconds after I asked the question but Barbie started singing a line of the song and suddenly cut off! We both screamed and I nearly threw the toy across the room.

Okay- that was either a well timed coincidence from a broken toy or our invisible roommate really wanted us to know it was there.

A more seasoned investigator (and tougher person…) may have ran for the right tools….like maybe a recording device so they can ask more questions… see if they could get it to talk. Establish a pattern… Aim for a conversation with potential afterlife using a Yes or No system.

Not me.

Nope. Nooooooope. NOPE!!!

I had heard enough.

I ran through the house, unlocked the garage, unlocked my car and tossed Barbie on the front seat- shut the door, locked the car, raced back in shutting off the lights and making sure the garage door was locked again.

My daughter had followed me wide eyed and nervously pulling at her pajama top.

“Dude, if we wake up tomorrow and that doll is back in this house tomorrow I am moving out!”

“Ya think?”

Before we headed back up the stairs- I peered down to make sure the fireplace was off.

It was.

Thank God.

Needless to say, my youngest had woken up with all of the commotion and I ended up with two very creep’d-out kids in my bed. The dog of course, our fearless fur-ball- the one who goes running for every little noise- had not budged the whole time. He stayed hiding in my oldest daughters room like he always does when the strange things happen.

The chicken!

I eventually sent them back to bed and told them it was okay. I am sure nothing else would happen.

What are the odds that on BOTH nights- after we had people in to deal with our counter tops -that we have this kind of activity?

To say we didn’t get a lot of sleep is an understatement.

**end of original document**

To continue the story….

The next day, I had an appointment first thing in the morning.

I made the decision to drive around with Barbie to see if she continued to go off randomly. I wanted to prove that the entire night was just a broken toy and our imaginations had just run wild. I figured if it was a vibration that had been setting her off in the drawer- then a bumpy car ride was the perfect way to test my theory that she was just sensitive to movement and it was a freaky glitch.

I approached my car with caution- half expecting Barbie to be sitting in the driver seat instead of where I tossed her- but she was still exactly where she had been the night before.


I climbed in the car, picked her up and hit her amulet. She sang away. Okay… she is still working- doesn’t have that “I’m dying” battery noise at all… so it wasn’t that…. I tossed her back on the seat and drove.

One appointment turned into an errand and even more appointments.

I drove from place to place that day and you want to know what?

That freakin’ doll didn’t sing once!!!!

(Nor has she since!!!) 

You can be skeptical…. as I said in my other blog, it really makes no difference to me what you think. I am not 100% sure if I think that my iPhone suddenly going to black screen was part of the paranormal activity. It certainly is a coincidence that two electronic items within the same time period had issues- but iPhones do have a history of going to a black screen and needing rebooted.

Electronics draining or being affected by spirits is not uncommon. The reason I am skeptical that it was a spirit screwing up my iPhone is that I would’ve expected a sudden battery drain- The theory is that spirits do this in order to gather energy which makes it easier for them to communicate/manifest etc…

A software crash?

I’m going with the conclusion that it was just a freaky coincidence and flaw with the apple device.

Some people have sent me messages asking if I planned to do anything about the activity.

Currently- the answer is no.

As strange and startling as it is- I have no intention of doing anything but just seeing what else happens.

I don’t believe the spirit is malicious.

Someone even suggested to me that perhaps the recent activity surrounding our renovation has to do with the fact that the installers broke the granite and left it without telling us- leaving it to make the spirit mad. Maybe he was unhappy again that other night after they couldn’t fix it and the kitchen isn’t coming together properly to his liking?

It’s a theory.

These events are not every day occurrences- they are spread out over time (Though with the kitchen renovation suddenly they are clearly becoming bolder) 

I would also like for my husband to witness some of the more startling things (Like the fireplace being switched on) so he sees what we are talking about firsthand. I am sure the spirit will comply one of these days… or nights…  If there one thing I have noticed -is that a lot of this usually happens when he isn’t home or has stepped outside, or is sleeping.

(Maybe our ghost likes to act like a male protector in the home in his absence?)

My youngest daughter has since reclaimed her Barbie and announced rather firmly:

 “Don’t be scared of the doll….it’s just the ghost! He wants to play!”