The other day, my morning took an unexpected turn..

I had just arrived home from taking my youngest daughter to her bus stop and my Otis was rather excited that I was home- (Which was great because the previous day he was so depressed that the girls went back to school- that he laid on the couch moping all day…)

Otis was not moving until his girls came home from school!

I went to take him out to the backyard and when I stepped out the door- I saw something unusual on the deck- so I immediately shoved a surprised Otis back in the door, shut him in the house and went to inspect.

It was a tiny bird- I assumed it was dead, though it was convulsing quite hard.

Absolutely heartbreaking.

I felt horrible for the little guy- and I will admit I have a tendency to avoid smaller creatures.. I am a ‘Oh they’re adorable but I’m going to admire them from a distance’ sort. The thought of touching anything from a snake to a rodent to yes… even a bird makes me shudder.

I knew none of my neighbors were home- so I didn’t have anyone to call to help me with him. I knew I needed to overcome my feelings and help the poor little soul out.

I didn’t know if he was convulsing because he was dead or dying… I knew the little guy was injured somehow and I needed to get him comfortable so I could figure out how I could best help him. I ran into the house, found a shoe box in my daughters room (dumping the contents out as I ran) – I grabbed a tea towel from my linen closet and put it in the bed… then grabbed the dust pan…. (Look- I am no animal/bird rescue expert….and I had to be a hero without touching it….)

I ran back outside… ignoring poor Otis who was whining to go outside (Sorry dude- trying to save the bird from your jaws- just don’t pee on my floors!) and sat my supplies down. The convulsing was slowing down and I saw it was laying in it’s own poop.

Poor thing.

I took the dustpan and when I went to try to maneuver it under it’s little body so I could lift it (and thus place it in the makeshift bed) it’s little eyes opened and the little guy watched me!

He’s alive!!!

“It’s okay birdy- I am here to help!”

(I actually said that out loud- because I am weird like that)

We have a Wildlife Centre near here- so as soon as I saw him look at me- I decided that I would somehow transport him there and see if they could help nurse him back to health. Since he opened his eyes-I figured maybe it was a broken wing instead of a broken neck? (Again- I am not Dr. Doolittle- I don’t know what I am dealing with) 

As I gently nudged the dustpan further under his body- the bird gathered strength and with my help he straightened himself onto his legs. Eyes on me- bird then tilted its little head left then right- extended its wings and gave it’s body a shake.

But it wouldn’t fly.

Oh dear.

“Hey Birdy…. If you hop onto this- I will gladly put you in this cozy bed and we will get you feeling better in no time!”

Apparently Birdy is not fluent in oddball human.

We just sat looking at each other- so I reached my hand out to see what he would do. He just kept looking at me. Closer and closer my hand got to him until I was almost touching him… I braced myself waiting to see if this would be one of those moments where nature cooperates or goes in for the kill….

Had this been a musical- he would have hopped into my hand and we would have sang a merry tune…. alas as I extended my hand closer still- he flapped his wings, gave a run and flew a few feet before landing on the deck again…


Well there goes my musical number….

…Cinderella I am not.

He seemed like he was fine and could fly… but didn’t get very far.


Birdy was not having it…

We returned to our staring contest. 

Meanwhile Otis was at the back door becoming restless. The fact I was on the deck in ‘HIS’ yard- without him was making him agitated, jumping against the door and windows.

My Birdy was clearly tired, but he was stretching out his wings and kept fluffing himself., when suddenly he flew down the deck (I have a very tall deck) and ended up in a corner of my yard where he just sat.

I glanced back and forth between the bird and Otis.

“Looky Birdy- I get it- You don’t want my help… but I need you to find a safer spot.. I don’t need the goofy dog mistaking you for a flying chew toy… alright?”

He let me approach him. He didn’t seem ‘too’ afraid of me. I was allowed to get close but within reason. I took this picture of him- just sitting there…I tried to shoo him into a safe part of my yard but he stayed here for awhile, holding his ground against the crazy human…


So I gave up- I took Otis on a walk around the block so he could relieve himself outdoors and not on my kitchen floor.

I checked on Birdy when we returned and he was still sitting there.

Twenty minutes later he was gone!

I searched my yard- looked in the neighbors yard. Birdy is nowhere to be found- so I am hoping that wherever the little guy is- he is feeling better and is able to live a happy life.

Did I overcome my fear of small critters?

Absolutely not… but I did suck it up and helped a helpless creature when needed… so that counts for something right?

Inspired by Daily Prompt:  Overcome

All Photos ©TheyOnceCalledHerPumpkin