December is here and Christmas is rapidly approaching, however in this house – we have a different vibe happening.

Those who have followed my blog for the past year, know that this has been quite a challenging year for us from my health issues, surgeries and of course- my husband having to live six hours away in Kentucky for his work (for the majority of the year)

I went into 2017 extremely depressed and worried about how the year would turn out. 

While we certainly had more then enough challenging moments, we persevered!

This year, everyone keeps asking me what my children want for Christmas. 

That isn’t an easy answer, because honestly- they aren’t thinking about the latest toys and gadgets.

My girls even told me to forget about the advent calendars this year. 

There is barely any interest in the Elf on the Shelf. img_2763

They really don’t have Christmas on their minds at all.

The big countdown this year is:

How many days until Daddy comes home?

What do they want for Christmas? 


So no,

The kids haven’t thought too much about Christmas- we do have our stockings and Christmas lights up… but we scaled it back this year- and are still waiting on the tree.

When daddy comes home, we will happily pile into the car (Otis included) and drive to the tree farm to find the perfect tree for Xmas 2017.

I am sure in one week– when we are reunited as a family under the same roof, we will find our Christmas spirit- because at the end of the day:

It’s not about what is under the tree- It’s about who is gathered around it.