“Mommy! Look! You need that bag! Because reading IS your super-power! Well…one of them… your other Superpowers are…. being a Mommy and….and…..”

“…and the fact that Mosquitoes don’t bite me? Because I am convinced that is one of my Superpowers!”

“Yup! That too!”

-A conversation with my seven year old at the bookstore recently.

(I bought HER that bag because guess what? Reading is her superpower too!) 

I have a few ‘themes’ going on in 2018.

One of the dominate themes is:


(Which really has been an ongoing theme since I first learned to read as a very small child)

It feels so good to be back to my norm after a few years of feeling unmotivated to read as much as I normally do. I feel like I am finding myself again- as well as opening up more worlds. That is what reading is…. you are opening yourself up to a brand new world- you not only discover what the characters are living, but with every page turned- you discover a piece of yourself too.

My Birthday Book-haul!

I know that through the years reading has taught me so much. I have changed my opinions on certain things that I thought I had my mind made up about.

For example: Religion. I was raised a Christian, I am a Christian and yet- I absolutely love learning about different religions, even cults and what makes people tick. I may not subscribe to these ideals but I don’t have to- I just want to learn so I can understand where others come from.

The empathetic side of me gets sucked into stories and feels what the character is feeling and I learn how I would respond.

Whether it is a lighthearted subject or a tough one, horror, drama, comedy- fiction non-fiction… you learn so much.

Sometimes I even challenge myself by reading genres that aren’t necessarily my favorite. Enter a Summer Reading Contest that my local Library is hosting this year. I have a BINGO card that tells me what kind of book I can cross off. Several of the squares were incredibly easy to obtain since they were the ones that let me choose!

But as I go through my card, it gets harder…. especially since I am not currently ‘In the Mood’ for certain suggestions… but I do like a challenge.


I have only a few days left in the contest and still several squares to go to earn a ballot: ‘A Book That Became a Movie’ ‘A Mystery’ ‘The First Book in a Series’ ‘A Book From Your TBR’

I am actually juggling multiple books at a time trying to cross these squares off…

I hope to at least earn three ballots out of the five offered if you complete the entire game board.

Wish me luck.

My youngest daughter (seven year old) is already finishing up her SECOND game board for the children’s contest! For every 20 minutes read- you color in a square and for every three squares- you earn a ballot! She has been so dedicated to this reading challenge that she has stuffed that box full with her ballots and the Librarians now know her name.

Another huge thing around here is my new project!


It was my 38th Birthday a few weeks ago (or as I like to call it ‘the 13th Anniversary of the year I turned 25’) and my husband and children went above and beyond with their birthday present!! They gifted me a ‘Free Library’ for my front lawn! I will be dedicating the next week or so to getting my new Library painted, Registering it Online with LittleFreeLibrary.Org My husband is going to dig the post and I have plans to fill it with books and even make custom bookmarks!

I am beyond excited about this project. I get to gift my love of reading to those people in my town. I hope to have not just a selection for adults- but of course for the children too! Ever since I heard about these Free Libraries I have coveted one! I love that my family gifted this opportunity to me!

After inquiring with my town- they gave me the green light and their blessing to move forward with it!

I had taken a vote on my social media on what ‘theme’ I should paint it and ‘Blue and Whimsical’ Won!

Yesterday, I started the process of painting. You can follow along on my Instagram as my Little Library comes to life.

The first coat is almost complete

There will be a blog all about my Little Library Journey when I have completed the entire process and it is on my lawn! You can look for that.

2018 Reading Challenge

If you follow me on Twitter- you may have seen my announcement this morning. I am currently reading my 64th book of 2018!

My current read! I wanted to read it before I see the film!

So you need to tell me….

How many books have you read so far this year?

What is your favorite book that you have read so far in 2018?

For Book Recommendations- Please see my Cloud Category where you will find multiple recommendations from my bookshelf to yours!

All Photographs belong to me- ©TheyOnceCalledHerPumpkin