It was the shower that woke me up this morning.

It creaks and sends a shudder through the house as the water begins to flow and is usually loud enough to blast you out of bed. My husband slamming the shower door behind him never helps either- I can assure you that the shower door will not live through the eventual renovation of the master suite. I will take the sledgehammer to it myself!

As I cracked my eyes open -I groan.

The room was pitch black, there was no light streaming in from the window- I had to fumble around to locate my cell phone which was sitting on the side table next to my bed.

6:55 a.m.


F’N Monday!

My alarm was scheduled to go off in five minutes, but I wasn’t feeling it. I could’ve closed my eyes and easily fallen back asleep- even if it meant returning to the bizarre dream about Stephen Colbert running a ballet/spy school. (I have a weird subconscious)

I tried laying there a bit longer- my mind so foggy that I was having trouble remembering exactly what I was supposed to do today besides make sure my kids went to school.

This is why I am so dependent lately on my daily planner.

I sleepily found my way out of bed, shuffling through the dark hallway muttering curse-words under my breath. As I made my way toward the kitchen (and my coffee maker..)  my teenager slammed the front door, off to her school bus without so much as a ‘Morning Mom!’ ‘Bye Mom!’.

My husband was long gone at this point – having quickly dressed and blown me a kiss as I laid in bed hating the fact it was Autumn.

Oh crap.

It’s the first of October!!

The official start of busy season!!

This is the month that kicks all other months ass.

There is no free weekend for us in October.

Every single weekend of this month is a celebration.

First Weekend: Canadian Thanksgiving

Second Weekend: Teenagers take over the house as my daughter celebrates her 15th Birthday.

Third Weekend: Hubby and I celebrate our 11th Wedding Anniversary

Fourth Weekend: Youngest Daughter’s 8th Birthday Party

Start of November: I recover from Surgery.

Those listed above are the ‘Main Events’

Throw Halloween, Dance Classes, Appointments, Deck Renovation, Driving Teenager to Work….not to mention the day to day life stuff… Housework, Dishes, Meals, Laundry… and what about all the projects that I just blogged about yesterday?

If my life were a movie, it would most likely start on October First and star Amy Schumer and Channing Tatum…

(I know I know… I keep blogging about how much I have on my plate- but this just illustrates how consumed my mind is with everything I want to get done!) 

It is now mid morning.

I’m on a second cup of coffee as I sit at my keyboard, desperately waiting for the caffeine to kick in. I’ve spent the morning making breakfast, getting dressed, writing and blog networking a bit. My youngest daughter is camped out on the couch watching television… She has the day off school as she woke up with a sore throat and a fever.

I’m still half asleep as I write this.

Today’s ‘To-Do’ list has been amended since I’m unable to run errands now… but that is okay with me.

Today can be about cuddles with my youngest and trying to convince her to watch Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom with me. (I wish- My money is on us watching reruns of Victorious on Netflix….) Mom could use a ‘day off’ too.

October can start tomorrow.