My corner of the world is waking up after a long, cold winter.

The snow is a memory. The grass is a matted dull greenish-brown just waiting for the April rain showers to help bring it back to life. Some trees, while still bare, host more and more birds every day. Birds, that sing and chirp- happy to flit from tree to tree while squirrels scurry around in search of whatever acorn they may have missed.

My daughter and I were driving the other day, and came across a group of deer taking a lunch time stroll through town- we pulled over to take a quick picture- which I had to take fast-  They bounded across the road in front of where we parked and disappeared into the trees.


The deer were clearly happy that it was a sunny Spring day, but they weren’t too keen on the human paparazzi.

My Bad.

My favorite season constantly changes.

Right now I am excited for Spring and the sense of renewal that it brings.

It was a rough winter for me mentally, physically and even spiritually- but I feel like I am coming out of it stronger than ever and am more than ready to see what 2019 has to offer.

Goals and Plans in 2019

Micro- Book Recommendations:

LOVING this novel!

Since I am struggling to keep up with writing my blog as of late- I am going to be taking some of the pressure off myself and posting ‘Micro- Book Recommendations’ straight to my social media platforms.

This way you will see more of my book recommendations without having to wait for a book blog to drop. I will still continue to write Book Recommendation Blogs- but these Micro-Posts will be more interactive and will mean that I can recommend even more titles.

If this is something that interests you- you can follow my Facebook Page or Instagram.

Health and Well-Being:

As my loyal readers know- I have been to Hell and back in a lot of ways and the trip was intense. To quote a friend of mine:

“How the hell are you still standing? Most people would not look as healthy and optimistic as you!”

(What can I say… I am a force to be reckoned with…. and it is exhausting… but I am one determined bitch!) 

I am currently celebrating much success with my health and weight-loss. Mentally I am doing much better though I am currently suffering from a nasty bout of insomnia and my weight has plateaued for now… I plan on starting ‘Three Week Yoga Retreat’ by Beachbody to help (It is one of my favorite programs)

Genuine Smiles look good on me.

I’m not going to lie- it has been a bit fun for me seeing the reactions of people who haven’t seen me in awhile- suddenly realize how much weight I have lost. Getting the extra pounds off, taking care of myself and letting my body heal from all my surgeries has really done wonders for my mood and self-confidence.

(If you are curious- and want to see some of my transformation photos- read my previous blog here)

My hope is to continue to heal on so many levels. I’m hoping to talk to my doctor about removing me from some of my medications- but the anxiety attacks still happen and with my insomnia- I am unsure if she will agree… but I do hope that I can soon wean off the antidepressants and move forward.

You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’Eleanor Roosevelt.

Around The House:

My husband and I made the difficult decision to forgo our usual ‘Romantic Winter Getaway’ this year, and we are renovating parts of the house instead. In a few weeks- our stairs will be torn up and new wood steps will be placed instead.

(Whomever built this house made the steps out of tile/marble and even with carpet stair treads have been a dangerous hazard that the kids and I are continuously injuring ourselves on…) 

We also have our painter coming to paint the outdoor trim/doors of the house and stain our large deck. I am very excited about this, as we have a new outdoor living room that my husband spent last summer building! We just ordered new patio furniture for it and are currently shopping for a hot tub.

Hot Tub Goes Here!

I can’t wait until our backyard Oasis is complete! I will be spending a lot of time reading, writing and daydreaming outside. It is exactly what the doctor ordered! (Technically she DID tell me to get at least 15 minutes a day of sunlight to help my Vitamin D levels…. this is what she meant…right?)

Date Night:

My husband and I have plans in May and I am excited about this!

Comedian Ken Jeong will be in town and we have tickets! Since we didn’t go on vacation- we may do a ‘Staycation’ and just say at a hotel the night of the comedy show.

I really need this night out to recharge my batteries.

(…and get some quality time with my handsome husband) 




I don’t have much to tell you at the moment, other than how I am working to connect with other writers and continue writing my stories. I am aiming to complete some of these projects- continue to submit work to writing contests – start to submit work to publications and of course get my Wattpad up and running to test out the audience there.

With my depression (and exhaustion from keeping busy) I have found myself slightly stifled- but I still make an attempt several times a week to write. I hope to get back on the right track and aim for small goals (like simply just completing a piece and submitting my work) 

As you can see- there is a lot going on in my world that is keeping me occupied- add to this the kids/family activities- our puppy Winston Romeo, household responsibilities, AND my Little Free Library- there really is no rest for the wicked… And you know what?

I’m okay with that!

Happy Spring!