When is the last time you really stepped outside of your comfort zone?

What did you do?

Was your discomfort based in Fear? Anxiety?

Recently, I really started taking note of my life and the direction that I want it to head in. If you recall my post That Friday Night–  it was like a cup of freezing cold water had been tossed on my head.

I felt compelled to change things in my life.

I started researching programs at the local college that spark my interest and it was quite eye opening for me.

At this age, programs that I had been interested in and would have applied to in the past when I was younger- they no longer hold the same level of interest for me.

(Musical Theatre, Interior Design…)

I’m just a different person at 39 than I was 20 years ago, even 10 years ago…

My interests and passions have changed, it isn’t that I no longer like those things, I still do- but my goals and ideas have evolved.

In November, with my husband by my side for support, I attend the local college fair with other potential students. I was given a gift bag, approached by several helpful people with maps, giveaway draws, the offers of free coffee and TimBits.

I felt incredibly out of place. 

(But luckily I was mistaken for being A LOT YOUNGER than I really am… It was touching really…) 

I didn’t get distracted by too much- I had a goal- so off I went to find the display for the program that I was interested in.

Once I found the booth that I was searching for, I was able to speak with the program director who answered all my questions.

(And Holy Hell, did I have questions!)

He sensed my hesitation when I explained that I would be an older student (not to mention a busy mom)  with this information, he extended an invitation to me to sit in on one of his classes so I can become more comfortable with what I am getting myself into. (To date, I have not taken him up on this offer, though it was much appreciated) 

After speaking to the program director, my husband and I headed over to the admissions booth where I spoke with them about how to apply, and was able to speak with a mature student about her experience.

(I learned that because I was a graduate of an Ontario High School that even at my ‘advanced’ age, I qualified as a ‘High School Graduate’ and not a ‘mature student’… This information blew me away… )

I felt a lot better and incredibly excited to apply afterwards.

It took some more reading and research but I finally committed to applying to the college and so, a week after the college fair- I sent the application off.

I was torn between tears, excitement (and vomiting) as I readied myself to hit the send button. Ever my hero, my husband came to stand with me as I sent the application off into cyberspace.

It is done.

Now that I have formally applied, my anxiety is incredibly high and I’m a bit worried that my math grade from all those years ago is going to screw up my chances. (Math is the devil and I stand by this statement!) There is a chance that I may need to take an entrance exam (which will involve math…ugh)… and it seems incredibly daunting for someone who has been out of school for 20 years.

All I can do now is wait.

They may not accept my application…

They may reject me- or they may tell me that I have to take the entrance exam and I’m told that if that is the case- I have options so I can eventually get in. (Other classes etc…)

I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

The whole thing is incredibly nerve-wracking and I won’t lie, I have a bit of regret that I didn’t do this years ago- but this is the direction life has taken me in and I can’t live with regrets– That isn’t my style.

My teen heard that I sent off the application and gave me a hug and a high-five.

My youngest (who doesn’t like the idea of mommy going back to school) tells me that she is going to take me shopping for a backpack if I am accepted.

The whole thing has been rather frightening- but it feels right.

 If you are looking to try something new, but you have been hesitating and holding back- take a deep breath and take the leap.

My Message To YOU:

It can be incredibly scary venturing outside your comfort zone- and it may not go perfect, or as planned… but taking that leap?

Committing yourself to at least TRY that thing that scares you…?

Well… there is reward in that!

At least you tried.

I won’t hear back yet for a little bit whether I have been accepted into college or not (look for me on Twitter or Instagram to hear updates)but I want you to know that if there is something that you want– something that you have been after… you aren’t alone!

Stepping outside your comfort zone can be incredibly unnerving…

But as someone who has made that leap- I can tell you that for me? It has been an empowering experience. I would encourage anyone reading this, if there is something that you have wanted to do, a change that you have wanted to make in your life- why not give it a try?

Just knowing that I took a chance really boosted my mood- sure there is anxiety- but that is a normal response to the possibility of big change ahead.

Whether I am accepted into College or not, Good Things ARE on the horizon.


Because I said so.


Have you stepped outside of your comfort zone? I want to hear in the comments how it changed your life! 🙂