They Once Called Her Pumpkin...

…and now she has a blog about this, that and the other thing.

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Can we skip the teenager bit?

The answer is no. I checked...

For the Love of the Arts

All things art inspired...

Butterflies and Racing Hearts

A collection of random thoughts, spun into stories, poems, memoirs and more

Passionate parenting

Real parenting


// Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: if you're alive, it isn't. --Richard Bach //

This Girl's Got Curves

A navigation of the bipolar life


I'm Truly--thankful for God and my gift for writing sugar-coded metaphors in service of my growth and your smiles :)

Millys Guide

Life, happiness and mental health from the viewpoint of MIlly the Labrador and Lauren the human.

I'm Sick and So Are You

What illness taught me about how truly warped we all are

Build Strong Vibes

Brandy Eaklor

Filled Cup

My cup overflows with your blessings ~psalm 23:5

With Love and a Little Self-Deprecation

A love letter to hyperbole, my funny family, and finding the silver lining.

Little Bit of Free Time

Recipes-Crafts & Much More

Nikki Speaks from the Heart

a little piece of nothing

Genie Reads

"The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt." - Sylvia Plath

Waking up on the Wrong Side of 50

Navigating the second half of my life