Our summer didn’t begin exactly how we had anticipated it would…

A family crisis had me dropping everything, throwing stuff into my big purple suitcase and telling my husband that I didn’t know when I was going to be home.

God bless him for being understanding while I ran out the door, leaving him to phone for back up so someone could help him while our girls finished their final exams and school.

(My Mother In Law graciously stepped into the role and was able to help us out that way)

My mom had suffered a heart attack- I needed to be with my parents.

(The situation was serious enough that after hearing the doctors thoughts- we decided that we needed to fly my sister home- she and my niece arrived within 48 hours of making that decision)

Once school was out, my husband and children eventually caught up with me a week later, and together we sat in a hospital waiting room as my mom was wheeled into surgery, earlier than anticipated- for an emergency double bypass.

My oldest daughter spent a lot of time sketching as we waited.

We had all just made it to the hospital in time to wish mom well before her procedure. It was an incredibly trying time.

I snapped this shot of mom & I holding hands minutes before they wheeled her in because I was scared of the outcome.

I can’t fully talk about any of this yet- for one- it isn’t completely my story to tell… and truthfully, I am still working through everything that transpired.

(It is hard for me to discuss- especially since one of my rules of this blog is to be transparent)

The good news is that my mother is healing beautifully and is on her way to a healthier future. She does have an incredible story to tell- and hopefully one day she will allow me to bless you with it because you need to hear it.

Even when faced with the unknown- we smile and laugh.

To say that none of us expected to kick off summer this way is an understatement- but the way my family unit operates is:

‘Whatever will be will be…’ and ‘Life is an Adventure’

We roll with the punches.

These are the rules we lived by during our crisis:

Love…Laughter…Togetherness…More laughter…Cinnamon Buns and Mindlessly Binge-Watch FRIENDS Together.

Watching Friends at the parents house.

I took ill- I had ignored what I knew was a brewing sinus infection and it got ugly… I had no choice but to return home. Luckily there was plenty of help to be had- so I was able to leave with only minimum guilt.

I have been home well over a week now and I am still trying to adjust.

My thoughts are all over the place, I am already an over-thinker by nature- all the tabs are open in my brain and the giraffe’s are partying with the zebras (sipping on margarita’s) while manning the controls in my mind.

It has been hard to concentrate and focus.

(In talking with someone this week they told me this was perfectly normal after such an event and to expect feeling off kilter for awhile)

I’m a writer- at least I try to be- and I always aim to be truthful and raw in my work- whether it is writing a short story, a poem or a blog like this… and yet- I am holding myself back.

The truth is that I came very close to losing my mom…

Trying to formulate any kind of thought with that at the back of your mind is extremely difficult- but I am dealing with it.

Mom gets better every day– she is all smiles and just as cheery as always- she is very happy to be able to sit out in her garden and watch the birds. Her mobility is up and the doctors say she is healing well.

Through all this, my parents ended up celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary in a hospital- instead of the big family dinner… and they didn’t end up leaving on their vacation to visit my sister and extended family for the summer.

My sister and niece had an adventure of their own, leaving a camping trip to fly to Ontario for an unknown amount of time (They have just returned) 

My husband and I ended up canceling our cottage rental in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and adjusted our plan to a different vacation destination and week. My kids were actually pretty happy about this- not only did they get to spend a week with their aunt, cousin and grandparents… they also got out of going to ‘the boring cottage’… Kids!

Actually- I think that all that time together was just what the doctor ordered. I know mom was thrilled to have both my sister and I plus all of her grandchildren together under her roof when she was released from hospital. (Some people wouldn’t want kids around during recovery- but my mom? That was her ‘special medicine’) 

Summer took on a different vibe- but that is what happens in life. Loved ones take ill… adult children inevitably take on parental roles (whether the parents want to admit that or not!) Plans change- and you have to adjust accordingly.

Special Thanks and a shout-out to everyone who has stepped in to offer their support, help and meals to my parents during this time. 

What is in store for the rest of Summer?

I had a blog prepared outlining plans, vacations, activities and life updates which coincidentally -I was set to publish the weekend I had to up and run.

As things have changed, I have decided not to run that particular piece- but will rework it to adjust to my ‘new’ summer plan.

I toyed with taking an extended blogging hiatus- but decided not to. I am going to attempt to keep up with my blogs- so please bare with me. They may come often- they may not. Only time will tell.

After all, I don’t know what the rest of summer (let alone 2019) will bring…

…and I’m cool with that.

All Photographs ©TheyOnceCalledHerPumpkin