Once upon a time, in a land of snow and Tim Hortons, there lived a beautiful Goddess.

The Goddess was counting down the days until her handsome prince was to whisk her away to the magical land of Cuba for a much needed romantic tropical getaway.

Can’t wait!

She had less then a month to fully prepare herself to feel beach worthy, so on that magical New Years Eve she decided that she would return to her healthy eating habits and her work out regimen.

Little did she know, but as that clock struck midnight a curse would be placed on her home.

Her oldest daughter fell ill with a horrific stomach flu.

The Goddess was up with her all night and day nursing her back to health. This weakened the Goddess terribly.

The Prince tried to help where he could, so while the Goddess looked after the oldest daughter, he took the youngest to create a beautiful Shopkins ‘Gingerbread’ House. It wasn’t actually Gingerbread, but a delicious (albeit sugary) vanilla cookie house.


At first the Goddess was pleased with such a beautiful creation.

Until it revealed itself to be evil.

The worst form of evil.

With her sleepless nights and exhaustion from looking after her daughter, the Goddess found herself Tempted by the ‘Not-Gingerbread House’ and it’s candy and icing exterior.

She broke off a piece and ate it.

It was so delicious she broke another piece off and ate more.

This happened for two days. 

The Goddess kept sneaking pieces of the evil house. She knew she shouldn’t but the temptation was there. Sitting on the kitchen counter, it lured her with it’s sweet siren song. (Which wasn’t so much a ‘song’ as it was more the bright pink frosting)

The Goddess realized that the evil house was not good for her and it was making her break all her rules, but she couldn’t resist. She…must…eat….the….cookie….house…..

She wanted to throw it out but the thought of wasting her daughter’s creation and hurting her daughter was too much to bare.

“Please help!” The Goddess cried. “Someone PLEASE deal with this evil house! I cannot go near it anymore!” 

Her family were unconvinced since as the Goddess cried that cry -she was also shoving more of the cookie house into her face.

One member of the family however did believe her.

Their trusty, loyal and furry companion heard the cries from the Goddess.


He ran into the kitchen, jumped up on the counter and started licking the evil, half eaten, ‘Not Gingerbread’ house.

“Eeeewwww!!” The youngest daughter shrieked. “Otis has ruined my house! Bad dog!! Its garbage now!!”

The spell was broken.

The Goddess picked up the ‘Not Gingerbread’ house and tossed it in the trash!

“I’m saved! My resolution is saved! Otis is my hero!” She declared.

Somewhere out there, an evil force smiled.

Little did she know, her youngest was about to catch the stomach flu and another terrible round of strep throat. The sleepless nights and stress were about to return tenfold and with it? Cravings for the incredibly large Christmas chocolate stash.

The evil force started chuckling as he stared into his all seeing globe.

“This time no one can save her!” He laughed maniacally “Dogs can’t eat chocolate!”

                                                        The End.